We have stayed in many hotels as undoubtedly you all also have, and here are the Do’s and Don’ts when Staying in a Hotel, also called Hotel Etiquette Dos and Don’ts. It is amazing how many people feel that manners no longer matter when they are staying at a hotel. Well, good manners and respect always matter.

1. Do shop around when booking a hotel. Hotel prices will vary depending upon which internet browser you use, and you can read about it here. You might also like to read, Insane (But True) – Your Hotel Booking Site is Not Being Totally Honest

2. Don’t threaten hotels with a bad review on TripAdvisor just as you are registering. That’s just not on. Have seen this done so many times. That is blackmail.

3. Don’t steal the bathrobes, bed linen irons, etc. That’s called theft.

4. Do take the toiletries and give them to a homeless shelter or someone who might need them. 

5. Don’t piss in the pool. Just sayin’

6. Do use the gym …or maybe not … 

7. Don’t shove all the food from breakfast into your bag so you can save on paying for lunch. Go on, call me out on that one. I am amazed at how many people do this…and how their handbags are like the Tardis.

8. Do expect clean sheets and do ask for them to be changed if they are not. We were in Bali earlier this year and our sheets were damp. We had to make a call on whether to complain or not. We know it rains in Bali, and the weather is humid, but … I really didn’t fancy a bout of bronchitis, so reluctantly we did ring housekeeping. By the way, if you want to know what to do in Bali when it rains, read all of these suggestions. 

9. Do expect a top sheet. What is with this new fad? I WANT a top sheet. Sometimes I just need that sheet, not the duvet, nor a blanket. Thoughts? 

10. Do use the concierge. They are not just for rich people but are your best friends in the hotel. Find a Golden Key Hotel Concierge – Les Clefs d’Or and you have hit the jackpot. Read about these elite concierges here. However, all concierges are the font of all knowledge and know things, people, places and should be your besties. 

11. Do be polite to all staff. Commonsense. 

12. Don’t yell at the staff. Ever. Manners.

13. Do or don’t tip, depending upon the country you are in. Read tipping around the world. Tipping is a bitch. If staff are paid a decent wage …just sayin. In saying that, we do often leave some money on the pillow when we arrive, to sweeten the deal. 

14. Don’t try and refill the mini bar bottles with water, or ‘something’; they are onto this. Or use the minibar and pay for it. Actually, don’t use the minibar. Prices are exorbitant. Go to the local store and stock up. Sometimes just moving a bottle will register, and you will be charged.

15. Here’s a suggestion …. Do ask the hotel staff to remove everything from the minibar as soon as you arrive, as that will save any confusions or temptations.

16. Do say hello to all hotel staff as you walk past in the corridors. They are people, and you are courteous, and people are nice.

17. Do say hello/nod to fellow hotel guests. If they don’t answer back, then good karma for you, bad for them

18. Do use the DO NOT DISTURB sign, if you don’t want people to walk in at awkward moments. 

19. Don’t put your book and towel on a sundeck lounge at 4am in the morning, so that ‘you own it’, but really you are going back to bed, then a leisurely breakfast, then a walk, or a shop, and thus denying other people this prime real estate. People will hate on you and say mean things about you all day. Hang on, that’s what I do; don’t you?

20. Do wait if you see a fellow guest heading for the elevator and wait for them. I was once a couple of steps away from the elevator and this guy didn’t wait. He went down 20 flights and didn’t even send the elevator back for me. PRICK.

21. Don’t let your kids run around in the breakfast area. People are carrying hot coffee, and if they scald your kid …they will feel bad, you will be upset, and your kid will be hurt. Read about the things that annoy me most in cafes and restaurants, and kids going feral is one of them. 

22. Do give the phone and the TV remote a wipe over with an antiseptic wipe. Sort of a Michael Jackson thing. But, you just never know. 

23. Don’t put your dirty shoes up on the furniture in the lobby, restaurant or any public space. That is just gross. Have some respect.

23. Do reuse your towels. Reusing your towels at least once or twice is more eco-friendly.

24. Do check what provisions have been made for internet usage, and do not get slugged with an enormous bill at the end of your stay. Also, be careful what you send, or look up, if you are using the hotels WI-FI. Porn is not normally a great idea if you are using the hotels system.  More importantly, never transmit bank details.

25. Many hotels are pet friendly and that is great. However … don’t leave your pet alone in a hotel room while you go out for dinner.  We experienced this in Narbonne, France ..the poor dog cried all night. Poor dog, poor us, bad them.

Remembering these 25 Do’s and Don’ts when Staying in a Hotel .. just some hotel etiquette is good for you, good for the staff and good for other patrons. Sometimes we just need to re-visit this topic.

What can you add to this list?

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