Everyone knows that I am an inveterate coffee snob, with an unashamed disdain for instant coffee, so here are 28 Unusual Ways to Use Coffee. These are the 28 different ways to recycle used coffee grounds. These ideas will work with that instant coffee jar stuck in the back of the pantry, or with recycling the coffee grounds from your coffee maker.

Interesting and Unusual Ways To Use Coffee for Beauty

Unusual Ways to Use Coffee

1. The coffee beans you see on the perfume counters, are to be sniffed between smelling different fragrances to cleanse the palate so to speak. Source: my hairdresser
2. For shiny hair, make a cup of very strong coffee, let it cool and apply it to your dry, clean hair. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes, then rinse.
3. Instant coffee can be used as an eye shadow and/or blush. Source: Orange is the new Black. In an episode, the prisoners were discussing this.
4. You can reduce cellulite apparently by mixing used coffee grounds with coconut oil and by rub it onto your skin.
5. Exfoliate your face with coffee. Be a little more gentle than with the pots and pans, and probably check what else is in the coffee.

Interesting and Unusual Ways To Use Coffee Around the House

Unusual Ways to Use Coffee

6. If you make a sachet from ground coffee and place it in the fridge, it will deodorize your fridge.
7. Freshly brewed coffee will help sell a house more quickly, as it gives it that perfect smell of home
8. If you want to deter neighbors cats or dogs, spreading coffee on the ground discourages them from visiting.
9. Coffee is a secret ingredient for meats, cakes and more.
10. You ground coffee or preferably cheap instant coffee to clean hard to clean pots and pans. Just pour them from the bottle and start scrubbing, like an abrasive pad.
11. Clean you BBQ with coffee ground also
12. Use coffee as an insect repellent. Just sprinkle coffee grounds around the areas where you don’t want bugs.
13. After chopping garlic, you can clean your hands with coffee grounds, though it might stain them, though it could also be an excellent exfoliant. Your call.
14. Using a coffee-soil mix for your flower vase because it lengthens the life of the flowers, and also acts as an air freshener in the room.
15. When you are sweeping up the ashes from the fireplace, you don;t want to be covered in dust and soot, so add some damp coffee, and it will sort it out.
16. If your kitchen drains have an unpleasant odor, pour in coffee grounds with a lot of water BUT don’t clog them up.
17. Fix scratches on furniture by making a mix of stong coffee that forms a paste.
18. You can stain wood with coffee also.
19. Add coffee to your dog or cats bath water, and repel fleas.

Interesting and Unusual Ways To Use Coffee with Handicrafts

Unusual Ways to Use Coffee

20. Painting and artists have long used different materials to paint with, and coffee is popular for the aged patina effect.
21. Use coffee for crafty type things, and maybe really handy for things like scrapbooking.
22. Coffee can be used to dye fabric. You just need to brew a regular pot of coffee and completely immerse the fabric. The stronger the coffee, the darker the color. Rinse thoroughly after or every coffee aficionado will be following you around.
23. You can clean old coins with coffee, much as you can with coca cola.
24. if you fill a pin cushion with ground coffee, it will prevent the pins from rusting. You heard it here first.

Interesting and Unusual Ways To Use Coffee In The Garden

Unusual Ways to Use Coffee


25. Many gardeners swear by adding used coffee grounds to compost, as it speeds up the process
26. Used coffee grounds are an ideal part of the soil to grow many kinds of mushrooms
27. Coffee grounds or a diluted mix of instant coffee can be used as a fertilizer on plants like azaleas and roses.
28. Coffee grounds can be put on ant nests to deter them coming into the house.

These 28 unusual ways to use coffee. Then again you could always just have an espresso or an espresso martini. You’re welcome.

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Unusual Ways to Use Coffee

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