It does not matter how good a skier or boarder you are, learning how to eat well when skiing is very important. Without the proper fuel in your system your shredding abilities will diminish.

The average skier burns 300-600 calories per hour. Very good skiers and boarders quickly burn at least 1,000 calories per hour. Per hour people.

Part of the fun of skiing is enjoying the après life and you definitely should, so I am not saying no alcohol. That would be dumb and futile anyhow. What I am saying is to be sensible and eat well when skiing and you will have a healthy and even better ski vacation.
These are common sense but are very important to remember.

Here are five tips on How to Eat Well When Skiing

1. Water

Water is the solution to everything. It will alleviate any issues with altitudes like fatigue, headache, nausea, shortness of breath, dry mouth, or thirst.

Drinkwater throughout the day. I am yet to go anywhere in any country, where the on piste cafes are all aware of the need for us all to drink water, so you will find a big jug on the counter constantly being replenished. Drink up and if you are carrying a water bottle, fill it up too. They don’t mind

2. Eat breakfast

Eat breakfast before tackling the mountain. This is the fuel that your body needs and wants. It will help to jump start your metabolism and energize your brain and muscles.

3. Pack a snack

Pack some carbs and some protein to minimize muscle damage. Stop and have a snack or better still, re-charge on the lifts. Bananas are an excellent source of everything as long as you don;t buy generic cialis online india squash it. Boarders better take something else. If you are in the backcountry or even if you get lost, this snack will be invaluable.

Those flasks that you put in your pockets are not necessarily a food source.

4. Eat Well When Skiing at your Lunch break

Even on a bluebird powder day, lunch is essential. After several hours of shredding, your body needs a break. Try and get a good meal into you, with some carbs like rice and pasta. Keep it to one beer or wine or sake. There is no point saying don’t have a drink to celebrate your amazing runs because then I would be a hypocrite.



5. Apres Time

Most definitely hit the bar but also have some snacks with your drinks. Your body will be screaming for this anyhow so listen to what it is saying. A toastie is a great one. Shout yourself hot chocolate. Try and get some carbs into your system because this is a quick energy source.

For dinner, eat what you like but do try and get some of the major food groups into you and lots of water.


6. Night Time

I am going to finish again with water, the holy grail of skiing and everything. Try and drink as much water as you can and certainly have a bottle of water next to your bed. The heating in most lodges is very dehydrating. The immense exercise you have done through the day is dehydrating. Perhaps what you consumed after skiing is dehydrating. So, drink water.

It helps to have travel insurance, just in case you get sick.

My parting advice is to not eat yellow snow after drinking all of this water.

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