I must admit that I was very impressed when finally learned that they had invented an iPhone and iPod Portable Charger. It is a must have travel essential.The last thing I want to worry about is having a flat phone particularly, especially if it means I could miss a photo opportunity, the ability to use my apps, and to make notes …or even to ring someone or receive a call from anyone. But let’s be honest, I see my iPhone as a camera, and an app storage unit, and not as a phone. I am not going to even tell you how many photos are currently on my iPhine as apparently I haven’t learned the art of deleting.

Why we all need an iPhone and iPod Portable Charger

We were provided with the Belkin’s mixit↑™ ColourMatchCharge Kit. And happy we both are. Funny thing is we had just purchased one the week before we went to Raja Ampat, after a series of frustrating moments, when my phone went flat while touring through Manado, Ambon and Saparua, and I was pinching Gordon’s phone so I could grab the random shots. He did some homework and came up with Belkin as the best brand, so there is yet another case of serendipity.

iPhone and iPod Portable Charger

Two Happy and Charged up Campers

Now we are happy as we both have one, even though Gordon uses his phone ..oddly enough ..as a phone. However, he can now use this device to charge his iPad also, so we are both happy campers. Regardless, we don’t need to worry about anything going flat, as we have two portable chargers with us at all times. And they come in different colours, so we can tell who owns which one.

iPhone and iPod Portable Charger

About Belkin’s mixit↑™ ColourMatchCharge Kit – the iPhone and iPod Portable Charger

The convenient kit includes a portable charging power pack, a home wall charger and a car charger, each with a sleek metallic finish making it the perfect accessory for all travellers, not just us.

The Belkin’s mixit↑™ ColourMatchCharge Kit is available exclusively through Apple Stores. The kit is designed specifically to complement your Apple device whether it is rose gold, gold, silver or grey. On top of being the ultimate in style, the ColourMatch Kits deliver a charge that is 40% faster, saving you valuable time and ensuring you’re always connected. In terms of travel tips, this kit is a must have!

iPhone and iPod Portable Charger

Key Features so you can keep your iPhone or iPad charged


Car charger plugs directly into your car’s DC connector & home charger plugs directly into AC outlets
Charges your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device up to 40% faster than ordinary 5-watt chargers
Compatible with any USB charging cable (sold separately)
Smart circuitry protects your device from power spikes


2 USB ports (shared 3.4 amps) compatible with any USB-enabled device (sold separately)
4 amp input for 40% faster charging and LED indicator
6600 mAh battery with automatic charging

The mixit↑™ ColourMatch Charge Kit is available exclusively through Apple Stores for RRP $119.95.

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