Zipolite, or Playa Zipolite is a beach community and a lifestyle destination in Mexico.  It is located in San Pedro Pochutla southern coast of Oaxaca. Zipolite is best known as being Mexico’s first and only legal public nude beach and known for the hippie culture of the 1970’s which still evident today. Danielle from Like Riding a Bicycle is sharing with us, Zipolite, Mexico – Outside My Front Door.


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About Zipolite, Mexico – Outside My Front Door.

Danielle tells us:

Life is pretty hard here. I wake up each morning, crawl out of my tent to witness a brand new sunrise and waves crashing in on the beach.




After a big plate of delicious fresh fruit smothered in yoghurt and granola, it’s time to start my day of doing next to nothing. Shall I swing in the hammock today at my wonderful little cafe home, Cafe Maya? Perhaps I’ll get a bit of online work done. Or maybe I’ll just stroll down the beach for a while. Who knows?



Looking Around Zipolite, Mexico


Not only is the scenery stunning, with few people on the beach during the off-season, but the place is rather unique – at least by Mexican standards – in that the whole damn place, lined with cafes, hostels, camp spots, and all, is a clothing optional beach. If you head further down the coast, a short walk away, you’ll find a beautiful secluded beach with barely anyone on it, affectionately known as Playa Del Amor. Okay, so it may kind of be a gay beach, but no one cares about the nudity there (or if you choose to stay clothed, that’s cool too!) so long as you don’t care about them with their happy bits floating about.



Exploring nearby Mazunte,Mexico


A short collective ride away is another small town named Mazunte, focused more on the hippie side of the things. Don’t get me wrong, Zipolite does have a certain magical vibe to it, but Mazunte is much more for the granola types. A lovely town, but unlike Zipolite, the town is on the street, with a road shooting off to the beach. Not in Zipolite; no, here we’ve got it all right on the beach. I open my tent in the morning, and there my beautiful ocean is awaiting me!


A slow pace of life in Zipolite , Mexico

The pace of life is slow at best here, but truly beautiful. Every once in a while I’ll be working, and glance up from my computer to see a penis here, some boobs there, with clothed people scattered along in between, and I truly love the beauty that everyone can dress as freely (like, seriously freely) as they want without being judged. It’s a place to feel at home, and I can’t imagine a better place to be at this very moment!



Zipolite , Mexico is a lifestyle and one that sounds very attractive.

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