These are our 35 Weird And Wonderful Observations About America and Americans noticed from our trip. We spent two months exploring America or the USA for the first time. We visited all 6 New England States, as well as San Francisco, Boston, and New York so we got a mix of city and country. . There are no judgments. Ok, yes #4 is a judgment and maybe a couple of others, but all in all, they are our personal observations.

Let us know what you think.

  1. We don’t know whether to call it America or the USA
  2. Veterans are extremely well respected and appreciated
  3. Americans drive on the wrong side of the road
  4. Americans have super bad coffee. Yes, they do.
  5. Americans are some of the most polite people we have met, and not just those in the service industry
  6. We didn’t see any road rage at all
  7. You could chop a tree down with American bacon. Sorry.
  8. Maple syrup is seriously good, as in seriously good.
  9. Americans hold their forks as though they are piercing the heart of something.
  10. Going Belly up to the bar is the greatest thing ever to meet local people.
  11. Americans have made one giant quantum leap from Budweiser to craft beers of every type
  12. There are more American flags flown here than any other country we have been to
  13. Tipping sucks. Pay your workers a proper wage and stop this tipping crap.
  14. Advertising prescription drugs – you would never take a pill or a tablet in your life again after seeing the ads on tv and the side effects.
  15. Taking home leftovers. Americans take away their food and all restaurants have the carton ready. Stop serving such big meals.
  16. Ordering a meal can get so confusing because there are too many choices. Cheese?
  17. What is with the gherkin?
  18. Don’t sell guns in Walmart. Don’t sell guns at all.
  19. An entrée is an appetizer; the main meal is an entrée
  20. American money sucks; you cannot tell one denomination from the other. Color it up.
  21. Your petrol, sorry gas, is cheap.
  22. Sometimes there is a TV at the bowser.
  23. So many advertisements and infomercials on TV
  24. Every state has different taxes, different road rules, different everything. There is not a lot of ho′mo·ge′ne·ous·ness.
  25. Does the American government like keeping the people in debt? College Debts? Mortgages? Refinancing, …
  26. Some cities and areas are really monocultural
  27. The light switches on lamps are weird, especially if turned the wrong way and they fall out .. maybe
  28. Americans are obsessed with the weather.
  29. Walking and eating is the norm though eating pizza on the go is nearly an art form
  30. Metric system. The United States is one of only three countries that doesn’t use the Metric System. The other two are Liberia and Myanmar. Change.
  31. Small change, as in coins sucks.
  32. Bloody Dunkin Donuts are everywhere, even more than bloody Macdonalds
  33. Where does the garbage go in NYC? Hmmmmm
  34. People could watch you in public toilets as there are gaps to give them a good view in.
  35. But, people in the USA or America are so polite and nice that they don’t even look.

Are we still friends?

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