It appears that I am not the only one with a thing for lighthouses, and here are 30 of the Best Lighthouses in the World. It all started when we visited Hook Lighthouse in Ireland. We started with the 60 Best Lighthouses in the World, went on to the 20 Best lighthouses in the World, and now we have 30 more, bringing our count to an impressive 110 of the Best Lighthouses in the World. Again, we asked the best travel writers to share their best lighthouses, and what you will see are some of the most diverse and interesting lighthouses from all corners of the globe. I may compile them all into one mega post, or I may wait and see whether we will do a Part 4. Enjoy these 30 Best Lighthouses in the World.

Best Lighthouses in Europe


Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, Scotland

By Adventures Around Scotland

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Mull of Galloway Lighthouse punctuates the most southerly point of mainland Scotland. Completed in 1830, it is open to the public and a climb to the top reveals views of Scotland, England and Ireland. Surrounded by a nature reserve, there is also a public exhibition and coffee shop.


Neist Point, Scotland

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by Through an Aussies Eyes

Neist Point Lighthouse is situated on Scotland’s most westerly tip of the Isle of Skye. The concrete path from the road leads you down the cliff face and will take you up and down sections of the cliff towards the stunning lighthouse. The path can often be steep but the views of the surrounding cliff face and the lighthouse make it worth the trip.


Kallur Lighthouse, Faroe Islands, Europe

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By Travel to be Alive

The Kallur Lighthouse is situated on Kalsoy Island in the Faroe Islands (Europe) and it’s a place like no other. If lighthouses fascinate you as much as they fascinate me, you’re going to love this small, but crazy located one. The best part? The spectacular walk to get there and the view!


Cabo da Roca, Sintra, Portugal

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By Go Beyond Bounds

The lighthouse sits atop a 540 ft hill of Cabo da Roca overlooking the Atlantic Ocean dates back to 1772. Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of the continental Europe. The lighthouse is said to be working under the staff of three lighthouse keepers.


Capielinhos on Faial in the Azores Islands

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by Retired and Travelling

The lighthouse at Capielinhos on Faial in the Azores Islands was left standing after the major volcanic eruption in 1957 that lasted for 13 months. Today you can see the volcano calderas and visit the great underground museum at this site.


Saint Martin de Ré, France

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by The Little Den

The lighthouse at Saint Martin de Ré is striking with its clean crisp red and white tower against the backdrop of the sea. It dates back to 1867 and is located in the beautiful harbour town of St Martin-de-Ré, a 17th century citadelle, on the famous Ile de Ré.


Akranes, Iceland

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by Siddharth and Shruti

In the westernmost part of Akranes lies one of Iceland’s oldest concrete lighthouses, built in 1918. At low tide you can walk up to the lighthouse to get a beautiful view of it’s rocky beach surroundings and birdlife. There is also a bigger lighthouse nearby which is open to public in the summer and holds exhibitions and concerts.


Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar

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by Pack the PJs

Europa Point Lighthouse, is situated on the south-eastern tip of Gibraltar, on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, at the entrance to the Mediterranean. The classic British design, with red and white livery was constructed in 1841 to allow safe navigation of the Bay of Gibraltar. Automated in 1994, the 20-metre lighthouse is still in use today but may soon become redundant if the proposed Europa Point football stadium is constructed as planned as this will obstruct the light.


Favaritx, Menorca, Spain

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by Best Bits WorldWide

On the edge of Menorca’s S’Albufera Nature Reserve sits lonely Favaritx. This impressive striped lighthouse beckons tourists to visit her shores. Just 17 Kilometres from Mahon, Favaritx, on her rough terrain of black slate resisting the harsh Tramuntana winds, is one of the Best Bits of Menorca!


Phare du Petit Minou – Brest, France

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by International Hot Dish

Built in 1848, Phare du Petit Minou is a lighthouse in France. You can visit it for free and it offers stunning photography opportunities. One of it’s most notable features is the winding road leading up to it.


Best Lighthouses in South America


Punta Gallinas, Colombia

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by Mind of a Hitchhiker

The lighthouse itself isn’t very beautiful or special, but it’s in a spectacular location: the northernmost point of South America. This desert peninsula in La Guajira is extremely isolated and offers stunning landscapes. You can only visit by means of a guided tour, which supports the indigenous Wayuu population.


Klein Curacao Lighthouse, Curacao

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I saw this on the internet and was intrigued. Has anyone visited the Klein Curacao (‘Little Curacao’) lighthouse? It was first built in 1850, on a tiny spit of land 11km off the south-eastern tip of Curacao in the Caribbean Sea. The 20m (66ft) tall lighthouse tower was abandoned, but in 2008 it was reactivated with a solar-powered LED beacon, which emits two white flashes every 15 seconds.


Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

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By World Trip Diaries

The lighthouse in is located in front of the convent. It’s beautiful and the ruins all around it make it super special. The climb isn’t too bad and it’s definitely a must in the city!


Best Lighthouses in America


Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Maine, USA

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by Nothing But New England

In New England one of the most popular and photographed lighthouses is Cape Neddick Lighthouse, also known as Nubble Light. This picturesque New England lighthouse sits on an island off Cape Neddick Point in York, Maine. While the lighthouse is not accessible to the public the views from Sohier Park are incredible.


Edgartown Lighthouse, Massachusett

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by Just Go Places

Edgartown Lighthouse is a 2 story lighthouse that stands at the entrance to Edgartown on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The original lighthouse was built in the early 19th century to protect the many ships who came into Edgartown which was a major centre of the booming whale trade. Destroyed in a hurricane in 1938, the lighthouse was restored by the Martha’s Vineyard Museum and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Battery Point Light AKA Crescent City Lighthouse, Crescent City, California.

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by Where Is Your Toothbrush?

Battery Point Light is the best reason to make a stop in Crescent City, California. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, this California historic landmark is located on an islet connected to mainland with an isthmus and accessible only at low tide. The lighthouse houses a small museum.


Best Lighthouses in Australia


Cape Banks Lighthouse, South Australia

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by Red’s Australia

The Cape Banks Lighthouse wasn’t operating in 1859, when 89 lives were lost in the wreck of the Admella – one of Australia’s worst maritime disasters. Now the lighthouse, in South Australia’s Canunda National Park, overlooks the treacherous reef where its unusual toxic-waste-orange colouring makes it VERY noticeable by day!

Read more about the Cape Banks lighthouse and Canunda National Park HERE


Cape du Courdic lighthouse, South Australia

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by Travels with Talek

The Cape du Courdic lighthouse presides over the waters of South Australia. It is one of the main attractions in Flinders Chase National Park on the South West tip of Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Today the lighthouse is automated and visitors can stay in the old lighthouse keeper’s cottage.


Cape Jaffa Lighthouse, Australia

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by Red’s Australia

If we’re following standard naming conventions, the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse should be at Cape Jaffa, right? Wrong! This South Australian lighthouse with standard colouring on its unusual structure started a second career as a museum after being decommissioned and moved from Margaret Brock reef off Cape Jaffa to Kingston South East!

Read more about Cape Jaffa and the Limestone Coast HERE


Norah Head Nighthouse, NSW, Australia

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by Travels with Mum

Situated within the Norah Head reserve this gorgeous lighthouse has tours running every day. The Latin Motto inscribed on the detailed front door translating as “Once Perilous, Now Safe” is a stark reminder of why this lighthouse was opened in 1903 along this this treacherous stretch of the eastern coast.


Grassy Hill Lighthouse, Cooktown, Queensland

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by Rocky Travel

The Cooktown Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located on top of Grassy Hill, which was the landing site of James Cook in 1770. The concrete tower and conical shape is made of timber and corrugated iron. With 3 meter height is a relatively small lighthouse, which started operating in 1886. Since then Cooktown become a thriving port during the gold rush. Nowadays the Grassy Hill Lighthouse is an iconic attraction for travellers visiting this enchanting small village to which many refer as the Alice Springs by the ocean.


Best Lighthouses in Asia


Vypin Lighthouse, Kochi, Kerala, India

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by Voyager

Lighthouses have a strange romantic aura around them, especially the old ones. But Vypin Lighthouse is surprisingly ultra-modern and spick and span. A high-speed elevator whisks you to the top in a jiffy. As you step out and the sea breeze wafts in from the Arabian sea you are treated to some exhilarating views of the sea on one side and beautiful coconut tree plantations that seem to stretch to eternity on the other.


Mirissa Lighthouse, Sri Lanka

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by Traveling Lifestyle

Mirissa lighthouse in Sri Lanka is just beautiful. Its located on a small cliff overseeing the turbulent waters nearby. Its perfect for creating stunning photos that will make your friends go jealous and the vibe it gives off is just unique. You should definitely go see it when you are visiting south of Sri Lanka.


Light House at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Naidu, India

best lighthouses

best lighthouses

by All Gud Things

Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO heritage site houses the first lighthouse of India built by Pallava Dynasty in 640 AD. The lighthouse is a circular stone structure and is opened for public only in 2011. It is protected by Archaeological Survey of India. Just opposite to it stands the Shiva temple Olakaneeswara on huge rock, the top of which was used as lighthouse, prior to the new one in ancient time.


Best Lighthouses in New Zealand


Castlepoint Lighthouse, New Zealand

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by Travel to be Alive

After traveling all around New Zealand (twice!), I can definitely say that some of the best and most picturesque lighthouses are found here. Situated in the North Island, the Castlepoint Lighthouse is very easy to reach and it’s only a couple of hours far from the capital city of Wellington.


Lighthouse at Cape Reinga, New Zealand

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by Happiness Travels Here

The lighthouse at Cape Reinga guards over one of the most significant places in New Zealand. Cape Reinga is at the tip of New Zealand’s North Island. Here the Tasman Sea to the west meets the Pacific Ocean to the east. Maori, the local people of New Zealand, believe that the whirlpools and turbulent waters signify the dance of male and female and the creation of life.


Cape Egmont Lighthouse. Taranaki, New Zealand.

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by It’s a Drama!

On the Western most point of the rugged Taranaki coastline sits Cape Egmont Lighthouse. Climb to the red door and face forward. Stretch your eyes out to the Tasman Sea. Turn to look to behind the lighthouse and marvel at the snowcapped Mt Taranaki.


Best Lighthouses in Africa


Umhlanga Rocks, Durban South Africa

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by A Rai of Light

The Umhlanga Rocks lighthouse situated in Durban South Africa was built in 1954 to warn sailors of the hidden dangers in the waters of Southern Africa. Standing 25 meters above high water, this distinctive red and white lighthouse has also become a popular attraction.


Best Lighthouses in Canada


Haut-fond Prince (Prince Shoal) Lighthouse, Quebec, Canada

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Gordon Arthur of Short Holidays and Getaways

One of the most dangerous shoals in the St. Lawrence River is found near Tadoussac, Quebec, off mouth of Saguenay River. It was built in 1964, replacing the Prince Shoal Lightship station, that had been established in 1902. The lighthouse warns passing vessels of the undersea hazard in the area.


Brockton Point Lighthouse, Vancouver, Canada

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by See Her Travel

Brockton Point is located in the largest urban park in the world, Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Brockton Lighthouse is the perfect place to rest while biking along the Seawall, to gaze at the North Shore mountains or to watch the boats cruise in and out of Vancouver.

We hope you enjoyed these 30 of the Best Lighthouses in the World. Make sure to check out the other 80 as well.


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