This is a Step by Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Luxury Weekend Staycation because you deserve it. A Staycation is the latest in travel trends, where you don’t leave your hometown. Instead, you get to discover what is outside of your own front door, to pamper yourself by trying and seeing different things without the stress of traveling far, or having to go to too much effort. This is where it is all about you and what you want and what you need. [clickToTweet tweet=”This is a 32 Step by Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Luxury Weekend Staycation. #travel” quote=”This is a 32 Step by Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Luxury Weekend Staycation.” theme=”style2″]

Why a staycation?

Well for a start you deserve it for being you because you work hard and you are a good person. Isn’t that reason enough? You deserve to have everything that is lovely in life, and sometimes you just have to organise it yourself, because you can.

  1. Get your computer
  2. Google search, The Top Luxury Hotels in your hometown.
  3.  I have picked the date for you. One month from the day that you read this article, to the nearest weekend. No deviations, because if you don’t do it, you won’t.
  4. Ring the hotel. Do not book it online just this once.
  5.  Explain to the hotel that you are having a staycation because you need to be pampered beyond anything imaginable and that you know that they will deliver the goods. Hotels are quick at picking up on special needs, and you will find that they will probably make it extra special for your staycation. Need some inspiration? Read about this luxury hotel in Jimbaran Bay, Bali
  6.  Pay for it on the spot.
  7.  Go to the fridge.
  8.  Pour a very large wine, and realise that you have impulsively spent weeks wages.
  9. Pour another one and remember why you need a staycation before we continue.
  10.  Pick up the phone and hit redial. Tell the hotel that you have decided that you would like a spa treatment to go with your staycation and book it. Make it for 4 pm.
  11. Go to your computer again and ring a housecleaning service in your town. Tell them to be at your place on the Friday before the luxury weekend staycation; and you want your house cleaned as it has never been cleaned before.
  12. Do another google search and find the latest and trending restaurant in your home town where you will have your staycation.
  13. Phone a friend or friends or even family and tell them what you have done and that you would like them to join you for breakfast/brunch /dinner at ‘the’ restaurant. Alternatively, don’t tell anyone and have the weekend totally to yourself.
  14. Ring the restaurant and book it for 12 pm.
  15. Stress out about your impulsiveness and then think about all of the work that you have ahead of you for the next month and hell, you deserve it.
  16. Start to think about the early morning swim you can have, the walk before breakfast at the hotel, the markets you can idly wander through.32 Step by Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Luxury Weekend Staycation.
  17. Start to research what it is your hometown has to offer.
  18. Start to get really surprised that your hometown is so interesting but you have been so busy that you didn’t know it was so cool.
  19. Start to bore your work colleagues, family and friends with all of the amazing things that are on offer in your town.
  20. Go shopping, you will need some new clothes for your staycation.
  21. Wednesday night. Start to pack your small suitcase.
  22. Thursday night. Unpack the new things that you went and bought today because nothing was right when you packed on the Wednesday night
  23. Go to fridge and pour a large glass of wine.
  24. Have another one because you did buy some beautiful things.
  25. Trash your room trying everything on.
  26. Go to the fridge know the drill ..
  27. Overpack and look around at the fact that your house looks like a bomb hit it.
  28. REALLY IMPORTANT. DO NOT clean up for the house cleaning service. Are you listening? NO, DO NOT DO IT.
  29. Friday morning and the doorbell rings and it is the housecleaning service. Welcome them; pick up your bag and do not return until Sunday night.
  30. Leave the guilt at home.
  31. Explore your city or town with new eyes
  32. Understand that this staycation is relaxing, rejuvenating and a memorable experience that you will repeat this again and again.

See a staycation is easy if you follow this 32 Step by Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Luxury Weekend Staycation.

If you need to enticed a little more, have a look at some of these amazing hotels who have pampered to all of our needs.

Hotel Napoleon Paris

Hotel Tugu in Lombok

Mercer Hotel in Barcelona

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This is a 32 Step by Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Luxury Weekend Staycation.


Would you indulge yourself with a staycation,  because you know you deserve it?


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