A video tour of Maastricht a unique Dutch city that oozes charm, history and culture.

Maastricht is a lively and active place, when it is awake, which is generally from Wednesday to Sunday. There are crowds of university students and the streets are steeped in history.

Maastricht is on its own time schedule. It seems to sleep on Monday, yawns and wakes a bit more on Tuesday and really wakes up on Wednesdays when the fresh food market is alive and kicking. Unless of course the weather is dismal, then they just stay inside some more. Come Thursday, Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday, the place really takes off with people from the next door neighbours Germany and Belgium coming to town, not to mention other people from the Netherlands. In saying that though, nothing really opens until after 10am, mostly after 1pm.

Maastricht however is one of those very appealing cities, home to Andre Rieu and lots of fabulous people all being fabulous in their own way.

Enjoy A video tour of Maastricht

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