We have had a face lift, a make over if you like of Contented Traveller. We hope you are going to like it and will accept any feedback both positive and constructive. Let us know what you think. It is not only our site that has had a makeover but our lives as well. So we are inviting you to enjoy our road trip.

We decided to change our site as we  just needed more features and to get more serious about what we are doing. To this end I am hoping that we will start to make some inroads into this industry. Some travel blogger conferences, some paid reviews and trips are on the list to achieve.

In our lives we are also having a major new start, moving from my lovely old home of 20 years, and Gordon’s for 11 of those. I am both sad and happy, but it is the right move for us. I have no idea how I will cope with living in an apartment after having lived in a lovely big old house for so long. I love this quirky house and have never wavered on that. It suits my personality and has seen so many happy times and of course a number of crappy times too.

Our new place in on the beach. We can hear the parachutists buy cialis safe online screaming as they land in the park in front of us and it takes us a minute to be on the sand if we walk slowly. I like our new place, I think because it is also a little different to some of the hotel style apartments we looked at. We shall see. I may well shed a number of tears, actually I have already but it will be a new start.

We are going over seas in 8 days for 6 weeks, so it is seriously manic here. We bought the apartment, we sold this house in one day luckily, and we move in 6 days time, just 4 days before we fly out.

So I think that we need to keep going hard to make the deadlines that I have set. After all, we have time to sleep on the plane trips. A new site, a new apartment, a sad farewell and a fantastic 6 weeks in Japan, Austria and Switzerland with some days in Luzern, Milan and Bangkok.

And a stunning new look Contented Traveller. I like it.

So we thought, being as it a bit of a reminiscent time we should take you on a road trip with us to celebrate our new start.

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