I am totally useless at wrapping Christmas presents. I love thinking up what to get people, and I love buying for people … it brings me great happiness. However, what totally brings me unstuck is wrapping these gifts. One would think that being a totally organized person aka anally retentive, that by now I would have everything necessary to complete this task or .. be only buying from places where they do the gift wrapping themselves, or .. at the very least, be buying those Christmas bags and just shoving the presents into them. But no .. I put myself through this highly stressful experience about once every year.

Here are my top 10 grievances about this process.


  1. Why put the price stickers on so hard that it breaks every nail on my fingers to peel these off?  This is when my anxiety levels reduce buying valium online, start to go through the roof. It takes me more time to peel these off than it would to pack for a trip.
  2. Why did I fail using scissors to cut a strait line in Kindergarten and they did not offer remedial classes and even if I buy striped paper it still looks like someone has chewed along the sides?
  3.  Why does the sticky tape run out mid way through the wrapping process and there is no more in the house anywhere … and I have to go to the shops to get more?
  4. Why do they put sticky tape on the wrapping paper so that you lose half a metre off each paper roll, and I have to go to the shops to get more because I didn’t factor this problem in to the process?
  5. Why don’t I put the gift tags on when I wrap each gift so that I know who they belong to and not have to unwrap them to see who is getting what, and then re-wrap them?
  6. Why don’t I have the labels in the first place, meaning that I have to go to the shops again to get the labels, because I didn’t get them when I went to get the sticky tape and then when I got the extra wrapping paper?
  7. Why do I always forget one person’s gift, because despite having a list for this, I mustn’t have read it properly. Apparently I just don’t have a list for the wrapping requirements (should have come with the Christmas wrapping 101 class notes)? Guess where I have to go?
  8. Why do people (Gordon this is you ..) give me advice when I am deeply stressed and then do not even help me?
  9. Why do I have to have coffee(s) when I go the get the sticky tape, when I go to get the extra wrapping paper, when I go to get the forgotten “gift”, when I go to get the tags that I didn’t have, to label the presents in the first place. and to get away from people who give advice?
  10.  Why does it take a full day to do such a seemingly mundane chore? Why do I keeping failing Christmas wrapping 101? Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I’ve got nothing …. You?




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