In these current times, we don’t even think about travel without travel insurance, because Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt. Most travellers ask us how to find travel insurance.

Of course, we still travel because we love it and know that events that have happened in Paris, Brussels and many other places, will not deter us from travel. That would be like giving in. But we are not stupid either. We don’t even think about travel without travel insurance because there are other situations where you will need someone to have your back.

Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Expect the Unexpected when you Travel – Good

When we travel, we have come to expect the unexpected, and these are the best parts of our trips. We call it serendipity. The happy little discoveries. That is when good things happen that you were not anticipating. Good things like happening upon a lychee eating competition in Chiang Mai and winning it. Finding a brass band playing at a fire engine parade in the Japanese Alps town of Takayama as snow bucketed down on us, or meeting other travellers, and staying way too long at a wine bar in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Expect the Unexpected when you Travel – Not So Good

What is the opposite of serendipity? Bad luck mostly, and a pain in the butt perhaps. There are times when the unexpected is not necessarily a good thing. Breaking a leg skiing being one of those. Because our travel insurance policy that is comprehensive policy at a low price covered my expenses, this was good.

We had friends who were in Fiji when Cyclone Winston tore up this peaceful archipelago of islands. For them, who have the same insurance company, having travel insurance with was a good thing. We also had friends who were stuck in Denpasar, Bali when Mount Rinjani began erupting in late October 2015 after five years of being inactive, and they were stuck and travel insurance for them was a good thing, as it paid for the extra hotel accommodation they needed until the airlines were free to fly. It was a resort actually, with a pool, with breakfast, and free Wi-Fi … just putting it out there.

Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Pick Me, Pick Me

Travel Insurance is a competitive marketplace and you want someone on task. We had been relying on travel insurance through our Credit Card provider but a call to our financial institution to ask about our coverage and getting it in writing, showed that we were not as covered as we thought we were.

When picking a travel insurance company, it needs to be for your generic cialis 100mg needs – anticipated and not. For Gordon and I, we need a travel insurance policy to cover skiing, which many other travel insurance companies don’t include. You need to look really at the fine print to figure that one out. When I broke my leg skiing, I was looked after well.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance has our back. The customers voted them the best travel insurance company in 2015. This works. SCTI are transparent and easy to deal with. They also call it as it is. “While being able to replace a stolen camera is great, being able to pay the bills of hospitals overseas is what travellers need to insure themselves against.”

Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Read the Fine Print of Your Travel Insurance Policy.

Selecting a travel insurance provider and a travel insurance plan is a pain in the butt. Reading through all of the fine print of what people do and don’t cover is an even bigger pain in the butt. Being able to phone someone and just ask questions is easier. Being then able to fill in a form online and have the insurance policy in our hands immediately is good. There are times when you may just need travel insurance for a single journey. Go online, put the dates in, the destination in, get a quote, accept it, pay it, and you are covered.

Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Why Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt

Medical Emergencies & Evacuation

considering many things going on, and many people on adventurous holidays this is very important.

Trip Cancellation and Alteration

This has happened to us once before and it was due to me again. I had picked up a crazy bug in a country that hung around a little too long. It meant we needed to make an alteration to our existing booking and travel insurance in this instance was a good thing, as we were able to change it at minimal cost through our SCTI. We even get a welcome home email asking if we need to make a claim.

Baggage & Personal Belongings

In reality, this is the least important, but can be the most annoying when you need to stop credit cards and have them replaced when you are away from home. Ditto driver’s licenses and other paperwork. I read an article recently Hang on to your bumbag — petty crime on the rise in tourist hot spots, so it is another pain in the butt.


Our advice is to continue to travel, continue to enjoy exploring the world, but Not Having Travel Insurance is a Pain in the Butt, and could be literally.


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