Dear Qatar,


As travel writers we are very interested in destinations that are exciting and different to our own country Australia. Word on the street says that Qatar is a very interesting prospect. We have read that you are located on the Arab Gulf, to the east of Saudi Arabia, and to the West of the Emirates. We also know that Qatar Airlines now fly from Sydney to Doha, your capital city which is handy don’t you think?

We have also read that you are the richest country in the world. So rich that it is probably beyond our imagination as to how lavish and how splendid everything must be. It got me thinking. I have heard about the vast vertical ‘pleasure domes’ of the postmodern variety that have been erected in Doha and these sound like something that I need to see for myself.

I really enjoy lively souks and I understand that the souks in Qatar are colourful and vibrant and that Souq Waqif would give us a better understanding of the fusion between the traditional and the new, so it would be so very interesting to wander through. I am not averse to a little shopping either.

I think that I would really enjoy a desert experience, and wouldn’t mind reporting on a bit of dune bashing.

I love art and architecture so that the Museum of Islamic Art and the Katara Cultural Village would be of great interest to us.

I understand that your beaches are stunning so that would also be a nice place to visit. I hear that kite-surfing is popular as is driving jet-skis at high speed next to the beaches, which I would like to watch.

I love Arabic food and would know that as you are situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, that I will be able to try such an interesting array of foods.

I would love to stay at one of your super lux hotels. I have not had good experiences with many 5 star hotels not living up to their own hype. I have a feeling that the hotels of Qatar may well deliver, but we would have to see.

So Qatar, I have a proposition for you. Bring us to your beautiful country and let us write about our experiences there. Does that sound like a good plan to you?


Paula and Gordon

PS. I would love to ride a camel





Doha, Qatar

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