A sarong is a unisex travel essential that has more uses than even we have considered, so feel free to add to this list. A sarong has proven on every occasion to have its uses, no matter where we travel, nor what the season is. It is an all round travel necessity. Sarongs are cheap, so you can afford to roll up a couple and take them with you. You will find a sarong indispensable.

The sarong – a unisex travel essential



Uses for a sarong when travelling


  1. Use it as a blanket on the always cold flights.
  2. Your sarong can also be your pillow against the window or your neighbours shoulder.
  3. You may have wrapped your valuable computer in the sarong to protect it through the rigours of getting on the flight or whilst travelling.
  4. Wear it. It is obviously great at the beach as a dress or skirt, or even can be worn as swim wear. It can even be dressed up for some casual evening wear. Learn the multiple ways to tie a sarong.
  5. A sarong is mandatory at most temples where shoulders and arms are required to be covered. Even in our home town when we visit the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple I need my sarong to cover my bare arms.
  6. A sarong can be used to cover knees as I found out in Phnom Penh when my skirt was one inch too short.
  7. A sarong should be used in any country where the rules prohibit bare skin or as a sign of respect where it is frowned upon. Better to be safe than offend anyone.
  8. In any church, mosque or temple put your sarong around you.
  9. Dress up an outfit by artfully making a scarf from the sarong.
  10. Use it as a head scarf or turban in the scorching sun or just to look chic.
  11. Use it as we did on a freezing day in Tokyo to cover your face from the biting wind. Ditto in countries where the sands blow or the wind is so hot you can barely breathe or so strong that you may need your sarong to anchor yourself to a pole.
  12. Sarongs make great towels and take up a lot less room and dry quickly.
  13. Hate that crack of light coming in, then use your sarong as blackout or at least a muted one.
  14. Use it again as a blanket on trains or buses or where needed
  15. Make a tent out of it when bored
  16. Carry your groceries in it. Seriously when you go and get supplies, make a sling out of it and then carrying your goods and chattels is much easier.
  17. Ditto, sling you baby into a sarong sling.


Men should also have a sarong

for all of the above reasons, as well as these.

The sarong – a unisex travel essential


– Many men in other cultures use sarongs as  scarves or turbans around their heads because of the heat and the dust, so it has been acceptable forever. Sikhs wear them for religious reasons also. Now that is an art form seeing a Sikh man do his turban, and there are different methods. Some involve 4.5metres of fabric. Sorry, that was a segue.

– Many of us would like to see many of you men wrap a sarong around yourselves when you get out of the beach or pool, but not all of you.

– You can carry the groceries in ‘your’ sarong

– You cannot share ‘my’ blanket

– You cannot share ‘my’ pillow

– You cannot share ‘my’ towel

– You can share my tent and we can make it a bigger one if we join them together.


BONUS TIP – You can dress up outdoor pots with a sarong. Here is the visual evidence.

The sarong – a unisex travel essential

The sarong – a unisex travel essential.

Can you think of more uses for a sarong?



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