Truth. Coffee Roasting in Cape Town, South Africa is a steam punk coffee shop.



Ok, what is this term steampunk and what does it mean?

Well, to a degree if you drill down it is a little difficult to explain but if you take it for what it is, it means that you blend the new with the old and take your lead from what the building was and what you need it to be and this informs the décor and indeed creates the zone for the atmosphere and the environment.

However let us drill down a little further. Steampunk is an artistic and aesthetic movement that has a wide range of influences, from Victorian technology and literature, to comics. Drill down even further by reading What is Steampunk? It is highly interesting but reading is not seeing just how powerful this is.


Truth Coffee Roasting café started in an old run down building in a not so popular neighborhood, much like Shoreditch in London once was.

The café was built around a 1940’s cast-iron roaster and this is where the inspiration by designer Haldane Martin came from. He felt that Steampunk was a. way to bring to life the entire ethos behind owner and coffee entrepreneur, David Donde’s mantra ,‘We roast coffee. Properly’.

See the interview with David Donde by CNBC Africa. Simplistically, it is all about coffee and the entire café and barista training school submerges you in this. You do not forget that you are in a coffee space ..ever.



Yet when you enter Truth Coffee Roasting you are entering a futuristic fantasy space, where the fully functioning “vintage roaster became the kingpin for the space” Haldane Martin



To have such a space, and such a passion for the coffee that you roast and serve, and to train others in this style, means thatTruth Coffee Roasting is most definitely a Best Little Coffee Shop.


Photos credit: Mickey Hoyle and David Donde Designer: Haldane Martin


Truth. Coffee Roasting. Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

David Donde | Roasting 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Opening Hours: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

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