Denmark – the Happiest People in the World. Denmark has been recognised as ‘the happiest country in the world’ so why wouldn’t we want to share in this joie de vivre. This was determined by the UN who looked at the GDP, life expectancy, social support, perceptions of corruption, and freedom to make life choices. They are also totally trusting of one another which makes them happy. So Denmark receives a resounding A+ for being happy.We are going to look at some other factors in what makes this nation so very happy.


Australians have an affinity with the Danish people. After all Princess Mary who is married to the Danish Prince Frederick is Australian, and they seem happy people. The architect of our beautiful Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon was Danish, but I don’t think he was happy with Australia being idiots with the politicking involved in this stunning piece of architecture. It doesn’t matter as he went home to a happy country.


So what makes these Danes happy little people?

  • They are super patriotic, and right now having been named the happiest country in the world, they are grinning from ear to ear. Australia is #9
  • The Danes are very obedient about waiting for the correct signal to cross the roads, even in the middle of the night when no cars are around that even this makes them happy.
  • They are psychos on their bikes. They bike everywhere at breakneck speeds, and this is the rebellious yet joyous side of their happy personalities.
  • They leave their babies outside in prams because it is so safe and it is accepted and expected. Maybe it is something about letting sleeping babes lie. The babies are happy.



  • It is the home of Lego, and playing with Lego makes everyone happy. Right? There has got to be something in that for all of us
  • People are so happy that there is a very low suicide rate. Why top yourself when you can be this happy
  • There are only 7000 names that you can choose from to name your child otherwise you deal with the church. That saves a lot of argument over whether you should call your child Apple or Ace or even Monalisa. Your choices are fairly limited to Christian, Isabella or William.
  • They have a belief in Hygge, which is “a complete absence of anything annoying, irritating or emotionally overwhelming, and the presence of and pleasure from comforting, gentle and soothing things.” Now if that doesn’t make you happy, then you are living in the wrong country. You just believe in Hygge, and all annoying problems will vanish.
  • Even though Denmark has odd shopping hours and the shops close as people finish work for the day, instituting Hygge means that if you forgot the milk or bread, it doesn’t matter really.
  • The Danes are happy because they very liberal with pretty much everything
  • The Danes are happy to not discuss their religious views. It is considered a private thing .so don’t make them unhappy by bringing that topic up at the dinner table.
  • The Danes are so happy that no one talks on public transport
  • People ‘enjoy’ spending a day at the cemetery
  • They love festivals and celebrations and music which can be heard everywhere. These would make anyone happy.
  • University is free to attend, so parents are really happy.

So these are some very interesting things and good reason to visit the happy country of Denmark.

Did I mention the happy Vikings?

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