Rosengarten Restaurant, Bern Switzerland


The Rosengarten Restaurant, Bern is situated in the Rosengarten in the Ostermundigen area of Bern. This of course means that the Rose Garden Restaurant is situated in Bern’s very own and very magnificent rose garden. What is so special about the rose garden is not just that the gardens are totally magnificent and that there is a large array of beautiful roses but ..

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From the main train station, take bus no. 10 to the “Rosengarten” stop.


View from the Rosengarten Restaurant


From this vantage point you look over the UNESCO listed old town and over the Aare River as it snakes its way through the capital city of Bern. It is here that you actually admire Bern even more. Bern is a city with a town feel about it. It is a friendly place that looks good and has a very good feeling about it.


View from the Rosengarten Restaurant

The Rosengarten is situated on top of a hill and the view is all over this stunning and historic city but also of mountains behind and on a good day, you can see the majestic Jungfrau, Eiger and Mont mountains.


Location of the Rosengarten and Rosengarten Restaurant

It is a steep climb to the Rose Garden – if you come up the side most recommended, after you have taken the Number 10 tram. This requires a fair bit of effort to get up this cobble-stoned path. BUT .. if you come from the other side, it is a leisurely walk up a gentle rise going towards to Paul Klee Gallery. This is up to you whether you want to burn the calories buy cialis in riyadh before your lunch or dinner at the Rosengarten Restaurant. Whatever you decide the views are spectacular, particularly at dusk as the city is really quite stunning.




About Rosengarten

The Rosengarten used to be a cemetery from 1765-1877.

Since 1913 it has been a public park and a park that the local people love and use constantly. People sit having picnics, lovers cuddle on the lawn, people sit reading a book surrounded by this beautiful garden and of course admiring the magnificent view.



The Rosengarten Restaurant.

The Rosengarten Restaurant has pride of place at the top of the garden and with terraces around it, it is a very popularly place for a coffee, a beer or a meal. We were there for the evening meal.

After a lovely wander up from the easy side LOL, we wandered the gardens and they are beautiful before heading to our table at dusk. The view is breath taking. We then ordered our meals and watched the other people in both the restaurant and the garden just enjoying their beautiful city.


What we ate at the Rosengarten Restaurant

Sauteed creek trout on creamy savoy cabbage with baby potatoes




Hummus oriental chicpea puree with cumin, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and pine kernels




Deserts as recommended by our waitress




Other choices at the Rosengarten Restaurant

  • Slightly smoked beef carpacio, porcinimushrooms, arugula, olive oil and parmesan
  • Honey-tequila scallops on sweet and sour pumpkin and cress
  • Wild boar rillettes, served with autumnal salads, grapes and nuts
  • Grilled deer chops with blackberries and red wine, fig chutney, spatzli and vegetables.


The Rosengarten and the Rosengarten Restaurant in the quaint capital city of Bern have to be on your to do list as does the KornHausKeller Restaurant.


With thanks to Bern Tourism for our delightful stay in your beautiful city.


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