The Green Mountain Inn is the Village within the Charming Village of Stowe. This is one of those inns that on first glance might appear like a small boutique inn. But in effect, it is a highly functioning charming small village, big on service and big on welcoming you to a town that they are justifiably proud of. The Green Mountain Inn is one of those villages that as you stroll around, the people all say hello and that is other guests as well. It is a feel good place in both the Inn and Stowe itself.


Apparently I am not the only one feeling the love here. Stowe has been named as one of the World’s 25 Best Ski Towns by National Geographic, and The Green Mountain Inn has received the National Geographic accolade Top 10 Ski Runs & Lodges – trust me this is huge.

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Green Mountain Inn

About Stowe Vermont

Stowe, Vermont is renowned as one of the most beautiful ski destinations in the world, yet it is just as popular in summer and the fall. With its covered bridge, weathered barns, ski trails and a buzzing downtown, [clickToTweet tweet=”Stowe beckons visitors from around the world to experience its New England Charm. #Travel ” quote=”Stowe beckons visitors from around the world to experience its New England Charm.” theme=”style3″]


About The Green Mountain Inn


Originally built in 1833 as a private residence, there have been many changes of function and ownership over the years. Due to the history of The Green Mountain Inn, the Main Inn and Old Depot buildings and Sanborn House are each listed as Numbers 13, 14 and 105, respectively, on the National Register of Historic Places, showing how historically significant they are to the nation.

In 1982 Marvin Gameroff, a Canadian visitor to the area, fell in love with the Inn and bought the property and later transferred it to the Gameroff Trust, the Inn’s current owner. This was the start of massive renovations and restorations, which have been sympathetically done to honour the history of the inn, but to also cater for the needs of the modern traveller. This annual renovation, restoration and additions to the Green Mountain Inn, have resulted in this village with a village.


The Green Mountain Inn now has over 104 accommodations housed in 8 separate buildings, ranging from the traditional but romantic rooms with canopy beds to luxury suites in the newly constructed townhouses that are ideal for skiing families
Throughout the village that is Green Mountain Inn, you will see reminders of the history of this heritage listed inn, and also, see Walton Blodgett. A Walton Blodgett is a watercolor painting that shows the real essence of Vermont. The artist, Walton Blodgett lived in Stowe and had captured what Stowe is to the people. These can be seen throughout the Green Mountain Inn and also is collections around the world, because Stowe, Vermont is that unique to people.


Staying at Green Mountain Inn


Our three nights at Green Mountain Inn were spent in the luxury suites of The Mansfield House. This was the Inn’s most ambitious project, adding 22 rooms and suites. Our luxury suite some rooms. They all feature Vermont hand-crafted furnishings. The bedroom has a King four poster bed with Egyptian cotton linen that is pleasurable to sleep on, after sharing the two person Jacuzzi while the fireplace flickers in the room.


There are wingback chairs by the fireplace, not to mention all of the mod cons like the flatscreen TV, the free internet access, etc. The living room come office space is large with a three seater lounge, a very large desk, bookshelves, cupboards and its own TV and sound system. It is beautiful and a tastefully decorated suite of rooms.[clickToTweet tweet=” It exudes luxury, class while paying tribute to its history and Vermont heritage. #Stowe #travel” quote=” It exudes luxury, class while paying tribute to its history and Vermont heritage.” theme=”style3″]


Eating at Green Mountian Inn

Starting the day with a hearty breakfast is guaranteed at the inn, where everything is baked on the premises. The plethora of choices is amazing, and will certainly have you fuelled up for a day on the slopes. Try the blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and Read How to Eat Well When Skiing

The Main Street Dining Room is the heart of the village. There are old wooden floorboards, lots of big comfy chairs, open fireplaces, and some original Walton Blodgett watercolor landscape paintings. This is a favorite gathering place and where you can try the inn’s homemade cookies, during the traditional Afternoon Tea & Cookies each day.

The Whip Bar & Grill is a testament to the local produce of this proud Vermont town. Featuring locally sourced products, and local craft beers, because Stowe is a leading craft beer centre, so you might like to try the Trapp Lager Golden Helles.

The Weekly Winter Wine, Beer & Cheese Parties are a popular gathering place to debrief about the days activities and to meet new people. It is an excellent time to try some os the local produce.


The facilities at Green Mountain Inn

With an onsen like appeal, there is a heated pool and a 10-person Jacuzzi, and a sauna to enjoy during Vermont’s colder months. The fitness centre is fully equipped with all of the latest gear. There is a games room if you want to beat someone at pool or even re-live your youth by playing the pinballs.

Enjoy some S’mores around the Fire Pit, or just get really pampered with a massage treatment.


What to do outside of the Village of The Green Mountain Inn

Make yourself a coffee with the Keurig coffee maker with Green Mountain Coffee pods in your luxury suite, use the provided takeaway cup, grab a cookie and go and explore the village of Stowe. With the inns street frontage to Main Street and side frontages to Shaw’s General Stores, and post office, it is easy to wander around the streets. In the Old Depot Building on Main Street, Stowe Mercantile is the General Store and the Farmers Markets, where there are plenty of opportunities to sample everything that is locally made in Stowe and Vermont…and I mean everything. The maple mustard is a definite.


Laughing Moon Chocolates gives you samples on Main Street, and Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum and find out about the significance of the skiing here in Stowe. Wander up Mountain Road where the large number of shops, cafes, and restaurants will astound you.


May as well have a ski


You may as well have a ski at this premier resort. Stowe is at the foot of Mt. Mansfield and is a premier world class ski resort, with a very impressive history, much like the inn. Stowe was one of the country’s earliest ski resort towns, and the world’s first chairlifts were installed here in 1937. With 116 trails are for intermediates, with 29 for experts and 19 for beginners Stowe has that universal appeal. There are miles and miles of groomed slopes for cross-country skiers and snowshoers.


The Green Mountain Inn is totally geared up for the snow season, with all of the facilities for storing your boots, skis and boards. The Inn makes sure that you are fed before you go and replenished when you return. Interestingly the summer season and fall seasons are just as popular as winter in this charming little town.


A village should be about that warm and fuzzy feel, about being nurtured and yes pampered. [clickToTweet tweet=”The Green Mountain Inn is the village within the village of #Stowe #Vermont #Travel” quote=”The Green Mountain Inn is the village within the village of Stowe; VT” theme=”style3″]T and it does all of that and a bit more.

The writers were the guests of Green Mountain Inn, Stowe and GoStowe.


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