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alsace region of france


Nothing really prepares you for the beauty of the Alsace Region of France and nothing surprises more than the fierce loyalty that the local people have to be a part of Alsace, more so than as a part of France.

These fiercely loyal Alsatians are just that Alsatians and not necessarily French.

To my way of thinking, this just reinforces my view that Europe is really made up of city-states or regional states. I referred to this in an article on Ghent in Belgium who see themselves as part of the Flanders region, not of the Belgian country and with Amsterdam who just exist independently of anyone really.


The region is just beautiful physically to look at, the people are very very nice, and there is nothing not to like about what the Alsace region … of France .. has to offer.

alsace region of france


One of the very popular things to do in the Alsace Region of France is to follow the Alsace Wine Route and we in effect did this, though more with the intention of seeing more of the beautiful countryside and the picture postcard perfect villages. Being based in the stunning capital of the Alsace region, Strasbourg was a very good base and really, it was difficult to pull ourselves away from this city.



The Alsace Region though French, is very much German influenced by geography and by history. The Alsace Regions is actually made up of two divisions – Bas-Rhine, or lower Rhone where Strasbourg is located and Haut-Rhin or Upper Rhine where Colmar and Mulhouse are located.


The fertile alluvial plain that Alsace in effect occupies is why it is such a good wine growing area. The Vosges Mountains are to the left and easily accessible for a walk or some mushroom picking in the forests as we did.


These are some of the beautiful cities of the Alsace Region of France that we saw, loved, and will return to.

Visit the Tourism Alsace to find out more about this beautiful region of France


The Alsace Region of France


Strasbourg in The Alsace Region of France


What a beautiful city and as enigmatic as Brussels. The EU Parliament sits here amongst the medieval houses on Petit France and the majestic Gothic church of Notre Dame. Canals run though the city with flower-laden bridges crossing over them. The cobble-stoned alleys reveal more of more of this delightful city, lined with al fresco cafes and patisseries that the region should be mighty proud of.

alsace region of france


Colmar The Alsace Region of France


Colmar is This stunning little city that has the village feel to it is just beautiful.

Home to more buildings that are gorgeous and more beautiful flowers, there are some lovely museums to explore like the Unterlinden and Auguste Bartholdi. It is also home to a lovely little market.


The Alsace Region of France


Obernai The Alsace Region of France


Obernai is yet another stunning village and located just 25 km south west of Strasbourg. Obernai is another OMG stunningly beautiful city and is the most visited city of the Bas-Rhin region.

Here you will sample some of the best of Alsace cuisine and being on the Alsace wine route, some pretty impressive wines as well.


The Alsace Region of France


Riquewihr The Alsace Region of France


You will feel as if you are on the Tour de France route as you discover Riquewihr, which is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.

This is a very popular city for people to stay at and locals have opened their homes to people wanting to experience the beauty that just abounds all over the Alsace Region of France.




Ribeauville The Alsace Region of France


Ribeauville is one of the oldest medieval towns in Alsace.

It is located between the vineyards and mountains, halfway between Strasbourg and Mulhouse. It is here that you see the stunning ruins of the Three Castles of the Lords of Ribeaupierre. The Grand-Rue or main street feature 15th- to 18th-century buildings, with the signature Alsace flowers cascading over them. There are many Renaissance fountain-decorated squares. The vineyards, offer cellar door tastings, Ribeauville is home to many festivals throughout the year.


alsace region of france


Barr, wine capital of Bas-Rhin


Barr is another village with colorful half-timbered and yes .. flowers … and many fountains in the town squares.

The Folie Marco’s, is an ancient hotel in the style of Louis XV, and is now a museum of Alsatian. Just wandering Rue Neuve, the oldest street in town is excellent.



 Another charming village ranked among the 100 most beautiful villages in France.

The alleys are lined by medieval houses and the village stretches out in a sun-drenched slop just south of Barr.


alsace region france


There is no such thing as too much beauty in a region and the Alsace region of France has it in bucket loads. It looks amazing, the people are lovely, the food is great and best of all .. they are all very proud .. Alsatians.  Also another fun thing to do in the Alsace Region of France is to hike or forage for mushrooms.


alsace region france


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