The internet on cruise ships is notoriously slow, and notoriously expensive, but this post explains How to have your own internet system on a cruise ship.


On our 50 day cruise, we noticed that many, many passengers would get off at the port and use the ports internet system, which slowed down because so many people were doing it.


The last thing you want to be doing when you visit destinations like Santorini, Kotor, Montenegro, Aarhus in Denmark etc. is to be missing out because you need and want to talk to your family, work, or even google about the destination. We needed internet for our job, and also because we like to stay connected. So, did all the people sitting around the ports apparently. Having our own internet system on a cruise ship was perfect. We were even able to help fellow passengers look things up. Gordon came up with our own internet system on a cruise ship.


You don’t have the time to be purchasing a different local Sim Card in each of the countries that you visit, because it just unfeasible.

Internet connection on land.


If you want internet connection on your phone or tablet while on land, Three Sim Card (UK) gives you the best value. Example, I could post to Instagram, Instastories, Facebook, Google any destination, restaurant etc. while wandering around.


Internet Connection at Sea.


If you want internet access from a computer then it need to be tethered to a card.  You need a global roaming sim card, which allows tethering, like Data Go.


Three Sim Card (UK) cannot be tethered, unless you purchase this from the UK, with a UK credit card and a UK address. We purchased ours from Data Go in Melbourne, but you can also purchase it from Amazon in the US, as can be seen in the Best Sim Card to use in Multiple European countries


You need to be within range of land, which on the cruise we did was most of the time.


Having a second unlocked phone, allows you to use this as a hotspot, and you only need the Data Go Sim Card. The more countries in your plan, the more expensive it will be. Eg, if you want to include Russia then it becomes very expensive. Omit Russia. For us, and for many cruise passengers it is still excellent value for money, and saves time sitting around ports or looking for hotspots.

The freedom of your own Internet System on a Cruise Ship is worth it.


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