The more we travel, the more we have come to realize that, sometimes, it is ok to get lost when you travel. In fact, getting lost can often be better than finding your way on the first try. It happens that we get lost a lot, or maybe it is that I get lost a lot.

Left, right, north, south – seriously don’t play with my head. For someone who is relatively intelligent, my sense of direction and my knowledge of my left from my right is nonexistent. This is making my new life as a yoga junkie difficult, but my teacher seems to have figured me out ..’the leg nearest to me’ she says looking straight at me.


Getting lost often makes for the best memories and stories.

I went for my driver’s license many moons ago. I was told to turn left, and I went right. Lucky that I did because if I didn’t have this affliction, then I would have been in a tiny lane having to do a 3 point turn. I would not have got my license if I had known my directions.

My friends and family know about this, and they know that they must point to the direction if they want to get to the destination. I drive Gordon mad with my lack of knowledge, and he still attempts to lecture me on how it all works to the point that he brings out compasses, shows me stars and the sun and shadows. He is wasting his time – my eyes glaze over as I have no interest or indeed the desire to remedy this affliction.

It could be that I am like Derek Zoolander, and am not an ambiturner.


Getting lost can lead to unexpected adventures.

I went skiing with Gordon and my brother in law in Australia. You know who you are Craig! We were flying down a mountain, and one yelled to me – ‘we’re going left.’ I went right. I was so lost that I ended up in the terrain park, going over moguls and ended up in a grove of trees. I felt certain that the boys would be waiting for me somewhere, but the further I went, the more lost I got.

I did what all resourceful people do – I sat in the middle of the snow, totally by myself, and I cried.

I finished this weeping, started swearing and seeking revenge on those who had left me stranded. I then got to a spot where I had phone coverage and called Gordon. All I could hear was them laughing and telling me to turn left at the bottom of the hill near the creek and take a right turn to get to the ski lift. Were they serious?

Of course, I got lost again, but I was rescued by a Canadian man, who must have heard some bad language and he skied me back to where ‘those’ people were waiting.

We ended spending the next few days with him skiing and socializing. Out of bad comes good … and revenge also.


Getting lost can help you learn how to relax and just embrace the situation

Gordon must have got the same affliction as me once, and we ended up getting very lost outside of Ubud, Bali as we were trekking through the fields, woods, and jungles. We met a man who was also obviously lost, and again we made a new friend and eventually after a few hours, the three of us came in from the woods to enjoy many a Bintang and a traditional Balinese ceremony.


Getting lost can enhance the travel experience

Meeting Local People when you Get Lost, is the best part. You might like to read this .. Meeting Locals is the best part of travelling?

I have a mouth, and multilingual hands and people are very kind in assisting with my plight. This is an excellent way to talk to local people even if they might say in whatever language – ‘stupido.’ They don’t actually, I have been amazed that many people go out of their way to not only point but to walk with you to make sure that you are are on the righteous path. People are ultimately very kind.

We were in Ankara and had gone up the hill into the old historic area. We stopped to talk to a man gardening. While he didn’t speak English particularly, and we really didn’t speak Turkish at all, we ended up discovering that his daughter had lived in our hometown of Wollongong, Australia. Go figure. Cups of apple tea later and we part company, richer for the experience.

Even if you don’t have this affliction, it is an excellent way to discover a place by wandering around in an unpredictable way.

This way you see where real people live and work and play. This is another reason why we like walking. We clock up a lot of kilometers in our planned getting lost and sometimes argue because we are lost. But we see lots of different things. Great things that are not in guide books as they happen spontaneously…like a movie being made in Montreal.


Getting Lost when you – some  Hints

Getting lost when you travel is exactly that. Be prepared just to wander. Yes, have your details of your lodgings written down somewhere. Have a map as a backup, or a GPS lady who ‘points,’ and soak up the atmosphere of the back streets of the places you visit.



Get up early and watch the city wake up. People are friendly and pleasant, and watching businesses set up and people start to go about their lives is fun. We got to know the baker in Florence when he saw as wandering early daily, and he would bring us out some hot bread, and wandering Munich in the morning was the best.

Be sensible. Have some idea where you need to return to. Have some cash on you, should a tuk-tuk go past, and you could get a ride back and only use the GPS if you need to go somewhere and be there by a definite time.

Take your time and get lost. Remember it is all about serendipity you just don’t know what is around the corner.

Can getting lost enhance the travel experience?

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