Pretend you are a Tourist in Your Home Town #wkendtravelinspiration

Too often, we spend so much time traveling else where, that we forget about what is outside of our own front door. This is one of the reasons that we commenced a series on our site, called ..Outside my Front Door. Original, I know. We asked other travel writers to share what was outside of their own front door. To date, we have featured so many hometowns, from Mexico to Germany, Sucre in Bolivia, Santa Fe, Phong Nha in Vietnam and many many more. They are all fascinating and have been looked at from a fresh perspective.

Pretend you are a Tourist in Your HomeOn a fishing boat in our own home town of Wollongong, Australia wearing our fabulous jackets from Costwold outdoor

Why this is important

How it came about was I was wondering what I should write one day. I was gazing out my window and looking straight at the Nan Tien Temple. This is the largest Buddhist Temple in the southern hemisphere and is magnificent in every respect. I had never written about what was outside of our own front door. Shame, shame, shame. So, I did and have even written about Discovering our own backyard


Then we started wondering, do other people do this too? The answer was yes. We are so busy exploring the world that we forget where we live. My task for you is to pretend you are a tourist in your community. Play tourist and look at where you live as if you are visiting from a far away land.


 How to:

What would you want to see?

How would you find out this information?

How will you get around?

Where will you stay?

What will you eat?

Why should people visit your own hometown?

 Share with us

Let me know how you go. Share with us how you went pretending to be a tourist in your own community. Make up an itinerary for a weekend in your own hometown.

Have fun as tourists.

Email me, and I can share these discoveries on our site with others. It is amazing what you will discover, what you will like, and what you think that your own community should be doing better.

Join us

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