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Contented Traveller is a Travel Business. As such we like to work with other businesses on mutually beneficial projects.

We are proud to have worked with so many prestigious companies and businesses and to have been asked to work with them again and again. We have a track record of delivering quality work and also with being articulate and pleasant people to work with.

See some of the wonderful companies we have worked with at the bottom of this article.

Under this umbrella are two online media sites, as well as other services.

Our main site Contented Traveller is a travel site that deals with destination marketing in its entirety, including destination overviews, accommodation, eating and general and specific travel advice. It also includes a lot of advice on planning a trip – your way. We also like to provide inspiration to fellow travellers and to enhance confidence in doing new and different things.

An online companion site is Best Little Coffee Shops, which deals with recommending feel good coffee shops around the world. We believe that food and travel are a perfect match and that it is also handy to know of places that are pleasant and interesting to go to. This is a service where we write about coffee shops that we know, and also accept recommendations from others. Coffee shops may also advertise on this site at rates negotiated with us, as long as they fit our criteria.

We individually plan bespoke travel itineraries on request and at a cost, for people wanting to travel their own way without compromise.


Talk to us. We are nice .. really

We travel extensively and are interested in sponsored travel opportunities as they allow us to continue to inspire our readers and to continue to motivate them to travel and to try new things.

Baby boomers and empty nesters are an untapped market who want to try and to do different things.

We’d love to introduce you to our audience.



We love trying out different accommodation options and sharing these with our readers. We also love food and love trying new and different things, so we are very open to reviewing restaurants. As an avid cook and hopeless recipe book collector, I do have knowledge of many cuisines. We also have our companion site Best Little Coffee Shops for promoting cafes.

We would be happy to review different experiences in the destinations we visit. This will allow us to write a personalized experience of the experience as well as add accompanying stunning photos taken by Gordon.



More and more we are being asked what we think works and what we think needs improvement in hotels, cafes and restaurants.

With substantial personal and business experience backed up with university qualifications in business management and administration, we are adding this service to our portfolio. Do you want to know why people are picking the café down the road instead of yours? Why your hotel may just need that little bit of tweaking to get it to the X factor level? Why you probably need to engage in promoting your business more through the correct social media channels; then talk to us and we will tell discuss our rates. This is a consulting service and one where will we be honest yet offer achievable suggestions.


A sponsored article will be treated as any other article on Contented Traveller and will be featured in the slider and displayed on the homepage. All posts are subject to copy editing by us, to ensure a consistent experience for our readers.

If you would like us to write an article for you, please contact us to make arrangements that suit yours and our needs. We will forward our rates to you.



Let’s face it; we love our gadgets and our products. Talk to us I think we rank right up there as far as knowing what works wells and what we would like to know about.

We would be pleased to try your product and write a detailed review about it, with photographs, and a link to your website as well as social media exposure.

Please note that we only accept product reviews of products that genuinely interest us, or that we already use and like, and that would be of value to our readers.



ROI. We are a business like you and ensuring that there is a return on investment is critical for both parties.

We would love to experience your services or products and to share this with our readers. We will write about it, photograph it and where appropriate utilise either a video or podcast to bring it to our audience in our own personalized style.

Our posts or articles are both informative and engaging and this allows us to bring an intimate feel to a place, experience or even a product. We are real people experiencing real things, and this works so well

We will publish the stories not only on our sites but also publicise through multiple social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram.

We will negotiate on a case by case basis.


We accept sponsorship and compensation in exchange for content. In doing so, we write honest recommendations for our readers. When compensation or complimentary products are received, we disclose this through our articles. We only work with sponsors and advertisers who give us the flexibility to give readers our truthful opinions.



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